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TCF Global assists emerging designers with sourcing and linkages to global networks of supportive fashion organisations. TCF Global’s main aims are to provide networks for TCF Global Village Community projects, sourcing, buying missions, education and other linkages within the textile, clothing footwear and leather industry.

TCF Global is also innovative in its provision of ‘Online’ Fashion Industry Training & Mentoring around the world via a range of webinars in topics such as pricing, creating an online shop and avoiding manufacturing pitfalls. These webinars and other training and mentoring projects assist with skill development for culturally diverse women. TCF Global has also set up a network of Fashion Incubators from all over the globe, after having recently organised the Third International Conference of Fashion Incubators in Perth, Western Australia.

Supported by TCF Global membership, sponsors, supporters and volunteers.

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TCF Global MembershipTCF Global
TCF Global offers advantages to its members: priority access to Invitations to Buying Missions, latest industry updates, access to our network, Product Development Support, workshops and webinars. Join Now.
BPW Business Incubator
BPW Business Incubator Project will provide ‘ONLINE’ training and mentoring to develop the business skills and business growth potential of women in new or existing home-based, micro and small businesses. Register your interest online.
Buying Missions
Belmont BEC & TCF WA are coordinating buying missions and promotional opportunities for WA, national fashion designers at state, national and international exhibitions and events. Contact us for further information.

Do you belong to the TCF Industry? TCF Industry includes the design & manufacture process of the following industry sectors:

Bridal Wear, Baby Wear, Boy's Wear, Blinds, Awnings, Beading, Automotive, Children's Wear, Caps, Curtains, Carpets, Corporate Wear, Canvas, Active Wear, Designer Fashion, Designers, Collars, Cushions, Belts, Boots, Banners, Footwear, Equestrian, Furnishings, Eveningwear, Embroidery, Cloth Rags, Intimate Apparel, Interior Textiles, Health, Grading, Girlswear, Dancewear, Leather, Luggage, Handbags, Felts, Knitwear, Homewares, Hats, Flags, Millinery, Maternity, Lifejackets, Lace, Industrial Textiles, Insulation, Menswear, Manufactyrers CMT, Marine, Mattresses, Paper Machine Clothing, Rugs, Ropes, Pet Accessories, Patternmaking, Tanneries, Non Woven Textiles, Sporting Wear, Socks, Skins, Seat Belts, Schoolwear, Ski wear, Saddlery, Swimwear, Surfwear, Soft Toys, Safety, Sails, Sandals, Tableclths, Sleepwear, Textiles, Fibres, Towels, Tents, Sportswear, Tourist Souvenirs, Textile Artists, Women's Wear, Wallets, Wool, Wetsuits, Workwear, Uniforms, Underwear, Yarns

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