2009 Belmont Small Business Awards

2009 Belmont Small Business Awards

Celebrating it’s fifteenth year as a non-profit community-based association, Belmont Business Enterprise Centre was once again hosting the Belmont Small Business Awards 2009. The award was held at the Reading Cinemas Belmont on Wednesday the 14th October.


Left: Droyt Robb, Australian Network Management

Right: Todd Munro, Landfill Gas & Power (winner)

Sponsored by Australian Network Management

ANM provides IT Consultancy services to the SME market. Operating from Perth, ANM has over 10 years of combined IT expertise; consider no job too big or small. Our group specializes in the Network Systems, Network Management, Email and Internet Connectivity, Server design, management and installation. The team at ANM understands that time = money and guarantee’s a quick turnaround time for any issue which may arise, night or day, weekday or weekend. Further backing our support, ANM has accounts with all the leading IT Harrdware/Software wholesalers, guaranteeing quality products and services at a price which is affordable for your business

WINNER – Landfill Gas & Power

Landfill Gas & Power has a vision to be the most efficient & innovative global provider of renewable energy. They are specialists in landfill gas recovery, flaring and power generation. Landfill Gas & Power are constantly improving systems for improved efficiency, results and marketability. The Belmont based business is also offering an energy auditing service to complement their role in the energy industry.



Left: Sylma Cabrera, TCF WA/designedge Fashion Incubator

Right: Tanya-Danielle Gillis, Cares For You (winner)

Sponsored by designedge Fashion Incubator

designedge was the first community based Fashion Incubator in WA and was located at Belmont Forum Shopping Centre. Now operating as a Virtual Fashion Incubator it has expanded to online shopping sites for emerging designers, recently accepted as member of the Asia Pacific Incubator Network, supported by the World Bank. Through the City of Perth Convention Scholarship, Carol Hanlon, founder/manager of Designedge Fashion Incubator is presenting next month at the 2nd International Fashion Incubator conference, Atlanta, USA with the goal to bring the 3rd International Fashion Conference to Perth in 2011. Karl Farrell was an inspirational Chairman of TCFWA and this special award honours his memory.

WINNER – Cares For You

When you are free from guilt, fear, anxiety, hurt or remorse, the power to live your life as you always imagined is yours forever. Cares For You helps their clients achieve this by offering assistance via private consultations, workshops, presentations and newsletters. Business owner Tanya- Danielle Gillis is a single mother of 2, and is keen to teach her children that ‘one person can make a difference’.



Left: Mark Drayton, Frontrunner Solutions

Right: Liz Flatters, Staying In Touch (winner)

Sponsored by Frontrunner Solutions

Frontrunners are a new Belmont company formed recently to cement the partnership between Westways Colorgrafix, and Kinettica – a UK technology company. We build ‘websites that work’ – enabling small to large companies to use the internet to make their operations more efficient, provide better information to customers, valuable reporting tools for your business, and open up new sales channels. Contact us soon to discuss how we can help you get ahead.

WINNER- Staying In Touch

Staying in touch is a marketing, graphic design and development consultancy. Their talented team offers a personalised, friendly service and are genuinely interested in helping small business owners improve their businesses. Their clients include McCusker Learning & Development, Margaret River Fudge Factory and Classic Touch Cleaning Services.



Left: Neil Cranny, Westways Colorgrafix

Right: Sonya Taylor, Sonboniere (winner)

Sponsored by Westways Colorgrafix

Westways Colorgrafix is a diverse graphic design, photography, internet development studio and major print supplier. As our motto goes, “From business cards to magazines and everything in between”. Westways has been based in the City of Belmont for over 20 years, so next time you’re thinking of producing any marketing or promotional material, think Westways Colorgrafix, your “LOCAL” Total Production Specialist.

WINNER- Sonboniere

Sonboniere specialise in wedding supplies for those looking for truly unique ideas. They offer a huge range of bomboniere, invitations, bridal party gifts and shower and kitchen tea supplies and accessories to make other special days complete. The business now has 3 successful websites, and communicates well with customers to alert them to all the services and products that Sonboneire offer.



Left: Tim Hammond, Chair Belmont BEC

Middle: On Behalf of Pete Nielson :June Butcher, Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre (winner)

Sponsored by Friends of Belmont BEC

Friends of Belmont BEC was launched in July 2009 to assist with the ongoing provision of small business services delivered by the Belmont Business Enterprise Centre. Belmont BEC has always been a great advocate of volunteering and has over the past 15years had in excess of 1,000 volunteers assist with its many projects and client support programs. Volunteers play a vital part in the operations of all non profit community organisations and contribute greatly to the richness in the fabric of society by sharing their skills and talents to assist others.

WINNER- Pete Nielson – Kanyana Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre

Pete has an ongoing desire to learn about native birds and animals and to learn about to care for sick wildlife. At Kanyana Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre, he is able to apply this passion to care for sick, injured and orphaned wildlife. He is currently assisting the centre to move from Gooseberry Hill to a new facility at Paxwold in Lesmurdie. Pete dedicates at least 25 hours per week to the organisation.



Middle: Christine Sutherland, Southern Gazette

Sides: Lisa Guagliardo & Deana Tesoriero, St Vincent de Paul Society (winner)

Sponsored by Southern Gazette

The Southern Gazette is part of the Community Newspaper Group and is proud to support the Belmont Small Business Awards. With a weekly readership of 68,000* people, the Southern Gazette is the first choice for local news, real estate, motoring, sporting, employment, travel and entertainment information. The Southern Gazette provides businesses with the opportunity to reach the target audience that matter most to them – local customers – by offering cost effective, creative and flexible advertising solutions.

WINNER – St Vincent de Paul Society

The St Vincent de Paul Society in Western Australia has sought to create a more just and compassionate community by helping people in need since 1865, through home visitation to provide emergency relief assistance and special works. Special works include the clothing & furniture depot, household formation & support, refugee & migrant support, overseas partnerships & development and social justice advocacy, just to name a few. The Belmont based store continues to increase activity and recognition for their achievements.



Left: Alan Simms, Belmont Forum Shopping Centre

Right: Brendan Cockram, All Phones Belmont (winner)

Sponsored by Belmont Forum Shopping Centre

Belmont Forum Shopping Centre represents the hub of the City of Belmont – the ‘City of Opportunity’. West Australian Owned, the Centre focuses on supporting local businesses and community group organisations. Belmont Forum is anchored by three supermarkets (Coles, Woolworth’s and Progressive Supa IGA), two Discount Department Stores (Big W, Kmart), two mini majors (Harvey Norman and Red Dot ) and over 130 Specialty Stores including a state of the art Food Court. As a frequent meeting place for many in the community, Belmont Forum enjoys the opportunity to become involved with youth, seniors, welfare and fundraising through sponsorship, charitable work and the utilisation of the centre’s facilities.

WINNER- Allphones Belmont

The team at Allphones, offer the largest range of telecommunications services and devices in the country. Allphones Belmont uses real-time updated sales data and measures strike rates for individual staff members in an effort to monitor performance. They also conduct regular customer surveys, and maintain a source of sale database. 23 year old Brendan Cockram has owned the Belmont store for 3yrs and has an extensive following of loyal clients from throughout the state.



Left: Luke Walker, WESTPAC

Right: Ava Lucanus, Edge Telephone Training (winner)

Sponsored by WESTPAC

Westpac is Australia’s first bank and the first Australian bank to adopt the Equator Principles – your future is our future. We understand the importance of “Quality Customer Service” for all our small business customers and will strive to deliver this experience every time. Westpac welcomes the opportunity to present the “Westpac – Quality Customer Service” Award as part of our ongoing support to Carol and the team at Belmont Business Enterprise Centre

WINNER- Edge Telephone Training

Edge Telephone Training was started in 2000 by Ava Lucanus to offer a premium customer training service to the telecommunications industry, training their customers in the use of telephone systems and voicemail. They currently measure customer satisfaction by way of feedback forms and testimonials that are collected regularly. Edge remains the sole provider of telephone system training in Western Australia.



Left: Martine Pitt, Communicare Family and Employment Services

Right: Diedre Timms, Volunteer Task Force Inc (winner)

Sponsored by Communicare Family and Employment Services

Communicare has been providing services within the Perth Metropolitan for over 32 years and through its Employment Services assists people to reconnect to the workplace. In 2009 they were reawarded a Job Services Australia contract for north and South of the river. Communicare is able to provide through this responsive service, capable and committed workers, they are also able to offer free training through PPP places at their RTO to workers already employed who may need additional skills to apply these skills in an ever changing workplace. Communicare may be able to offer a subsidy to take on a new worker who may need a little more support than normal to re-enter the workforce so please with so many options ask one of the staff who are here tonight. Communicare works with young people to acquire skills and formalised accredited qualifications through its Training arm VIP@Communicare and a great outcome for these young people is to enter either an apprenticeship or a traineeship so just see one of the Communicare staff and all of your staffing problems could be solved. Communicare has been sponsoring the Training Award now for over six years and is happy to support the BEC and any company that puts training of its workers on the agenda.

WINNER – Volunteer Task Force

Volunteer Task Force Inc provides gardening and home maintenance, domestic assistance, club & community connection and shopping and transport assistance for those in the community with special needs. With one of its metropolitan offices located in Belmont, the organisation conducts an annual staff day where goals, plans and issues are discussed. They celebrate their successes and collect suggestions on actions to help the organisation reach its goals.



Left: Carol Wallbank, Create Enterprises

Right: Nikki Hanley, Business-Backup (winner)

Sponsored by Create Enterprises

Create Enterprises provides assistance to clients in all facets of media and marketing strategy and implementation. This includes marketing campaigns, advertising campaigns, communication programs, public relations and we offer a range of tools to ensure that your brand reaches your desired customers and your sales goals are met.

WINNER – Business-Backup

Business-Backup allows you to protect valuable business records without worry. It is an offsite backup solution that uses your internet connection to safely and securely backup your critical files. The Belmont based business has a business plan and has developed and documented a sales process and after sales process. Business-Backup’s KPI’s are measured monthly and communicated with staff during monthly meetings.



Left: Leanne Manado, Lila Dara Designs (winner)

Right: Nicolette Matchitt, Perth Airport

Sponsored by Perth Airport

9.7 million passengers passed through Perth Airport last year, making it Australia’s fourth largest airport in terms of passenger traffic. To ensure the development of tourism in Western Australia, Perth Airport is committed to working closely with the tourism industry to promote the State as an attractive destination for overseas visitors. Perth Airport also has a strong focus on working with airlines to increase the number of routes and flights to Western Australia. And as the premier international, domestic and regional gateway to the State for commercial aircraft, freight and passengers, Perth Airport forms an integral component of the Western Australian economy. For more information about Perth Airport, visit www.perthairport.com

WINNER- Lila Dara Designs

Leanne Manado, the Artist known as Lila Dara’s paternal heritage is of the Nimanburr and Nyul-Nyul people from Dampier Peninsular in the Kimberley. Lila Dara is the name chosen by Leanne and means Night Sky. Lila Dara is self-taught and creates original watercolour, oil crayon, pastel and acrylic artworks. Lila also creates customised designs, such as logos and commissioned artwork.



Left: Mee Mee Hanssen, Hanssen Project Management

Right: Jayne Maes, Camelman Products (winner)

Sponsored by Hanssen Project Management

Hanssen Project Management specialises in the construction of luxury high-rise apartments primarily based in Perth’s CBD. Managing Director Mr Gerry Hanssen is a strong believer in Freedom of Association and providing opportunities for every person to reach their full potential. For these reasons, Hanssen has adopted the Boxing Kangaroo as their company logo. Hanssen is proud to sponsor the Spirit of Australia Award.

WINNER- Camelman Products

Camelman Products offers a unique Australian range of men’s, women’s and children’s country clothing in most sizes. Originated and designed in the Pilbara Region of Western Australia with quality Australian fabric. The business name came about from owner Jayne Maes love of camels, and her interest in camel racing and trekking. Every garment is finished with unique ‘camel’ studs. Get your ‘Camelogue’ now.

www.camelman.net or www.ruraloutlets.com.au


Left: Rebecca Vary, Billy’s Day-Care for Dogs (winner)

Right: Mayor Glenys Godfrey, City of Belmont

Sponsored by City of Belmont

The City of Belmont is located only six kilometres from the Perth CBD and is recognised as a major business centre within the Perth metropolitan area. Belmont City Council is committed to providing support and services so that businesses can thrive in the local area. There are currently more than three thousand businesses in the City who are making the most of Belmont’s location, affordable parking, land and transport networks. The Council is proud to sponsor the award for Best New Business as a further reinforcement of the value placed on business success in Belmont. By recognising quality and excellence in the community, the City of Belmont believes we can lift our standards even higher, and ensure our business community is a leader in Perth and Western Australia.

WINNER – Billy’s Day-Care for Dogs

Belmont based Billy’s Day Care for Dogs provides care for pet dogs whilst their owners are at work. This includes socialisation with other dogs, and of course exercise for your family pet. Owners report that dogs seem less frustrated at the end of the day, because day care gives dogs an outlet for their energy. Training classes are also available, as well as products such as preservative free pet food.



Right: Bruce Macfarlane, Small Business Development Corporation

Left: Wilma Van Boxtel, Deseos Design (winner)

Sponsored by Small Business Development Corporation

The Small Business Development Corporation has been supporting and developing small business throughout WA for over 23 years. From providing information, training and advice, online networks and networking functions; through championing the cause of small business across all channels; to attracting the best talent to WA through business and skilled migration, the Small Business Development Corporation works to grow the small business sector across the state.

WINNER – Deseos Design

Deseos Design provides industrial product design and development work for new products and product ranges to furniture manufacturers such as Clarecraft Jarrah bedroom suites, Estilo Australia, Designtec office furniture and retail chains such as Bedshed. Owner Wilma van Boxtel has a paperless office. All work is focused on minimising environmental impact and clients are also advised on how to do so. Wilma’s aim is to keep the company small, a one-woman business so that she can keep doing other work she loves such as volunteering and mentoring.



Left: Louis Geneste, Curtin Business School

Right: Simon Hole, ecowash mobile Belmont (winner)

Sponsored by Curtin Business School

Curtin Business School is one of the largest and most comprehensive business schools in Australia and is recognised as a business school of international quality. With resources worldwide and a strong team of staff from international, academic and professional backgrounds, CBS offers programs at the cutting-edge of business education including interfaculty majors with Humanities and a wide range of postgraduate courses. The School of Management’s new Master of Management program is an example of how CBS prepares students to develop the skills and knowledge to work in the global business environment and to make effective decisions in an ever changing business world. CBS’ dynamic relationship with industry ensures its graduates are ‘industry’ ready having the knowledge and skills to hit the ground running as soon as they graduate. The Curtin Business School also caters to the needs of existing small firms through its Centre for Entrepreneurship and the highly respected Growth Program helping owners face the challenges of growing their business.

WINNER- Simon Hole – ecowash mobile Belmont

Unlike traditional car washing processes, an “ecowash” does not require water. Instead they use a unique 2-in-1 wash and polish technique. At the end a fine layer of polish is removed with a clean cloth to reveal a beautifully polished and protected surface. Simon Hole was 29 when he started the business in June 2008. Simon is not new to awards, and has recently won a City of Belmont Business Environmental Award for contribution to Water Management and the 2009 ecowash mobile state franchise of the year for WA & SA.



Left: Alan Simms, Belmont Forum Shopping Centre

Right: Dana Steddy EnviroCare Holdings Pty Ltd (winner)

Sponsored by Belmont Forum Shopping Centre

Belmont Forum prides itself as being a leader in sustainable practices and initiatives. As a shopping centre they are very aware of their environmental footprint, and take measures to ensure that green practices are introduced where possible. In 2006 Belmont Forum won the Water Award, in 2007 they took out the WA Environment Award for a Corporate Business Leading by Example, The City of Belmont Award for Energy Conservation and the 2008 Belmont Small Business Award for Environmental Management. After introducing a site specific Sustainability Plan in 2005, Belmont Forum has never looked back.

WINNER- EnviroCare Holdings Pty Ltd

EnviroCare offers Environmentally Safe Laundry Balls via an online store and through distributors around Australia. Laundry Balls are a non toxic, environmentally safe, tennis ball size PET ball that contains mineral pellets which are refillable. The company uses minimal packing material, recycled boxes and newspaper to pack parcels. Business owner Dana Steddy has 4 children, all whom were born with eczema and or allergies, which is why she started EnviroCare Holdings.

www.laundryball.com.au or www.miraclewash.com.au


Left: Russell Goodrick, MRG International

Right: Harvey Smithers, Nell Gray Fashions (winner)

Sponsored by Perth Fashion Festival

Perth Fashion Festival is the premier and largest annual fashion event held in Western Australia. For the last eleven successful years the Festival has established a diverse range of projects that celebrate, nurture and promote all aspects of the WA fashion industry. The Festival has an established brand integrity which has been earned through the creation of inspirational and innovative fashion events, achieved through dedicated alignment with style industry professionals who are best practice in their fields, providing a standard of fashion and event excellence which is second to none. The 2009 Festival was held from the 4th to 10th of September and brought the city to life with a huge line up of more than 50 fashion events showcasing 130 WA designers.

WINNER – Nell Gray Fashions

Nell Gray Fashions division ‘Uniform Concepts’ provides a comprehensive value for money proposal for the manufacture and supply of school uniforms to public schools via their latest concept of Total Apparel Management. The company was established in 1956 and has total commitment to product quality and maintaining garment manufacturing within Western Australia.

Phone: 08 9494 1700 or Email: [email protected]


Left: Josh Rodder, Perth Racing

Right: Valerie Gannon, Gannon’s (winner)

Sponsored by Perth Racing

Perth Racing is one of Perth’s largest entertainment organizations, hosting 92 race meetings per year at Ascot and Belmont Park Racecourses. The Club is launching into the Festival of Perth Racing on Saturday October 17 through till January 2010, and during this time will see some unrivalled thoroughbred racing from local and interstate horses, plus an action packed events program. Perth Racing prides itself on providing patrons with a quality thoroughbred racing experience, with a range of restaurants, bars, and special events. Perth Racing’s world class website communicates all of the latest racing information and special events on offer, www.perthracing.com.au

WINNER- Gannon’s

Gannon’s is an Australian owned company that is located at Ascot and Belmont Park Race courses and stocks a huge range of products aimed at a broad spectrum of people that attend the race meetings. Gannon’s has been operating since 1984, and its key products include trophies, corporate wear and racing memorabilia. They also manufacture their own Racing Colours, Pacing Colours and accessories.



Left: Arlene Quinn, Business & Professional Women WA

Right: Margaret Irvine, Dream Dress Hire & M.I. Style (winner)

Sponsored by Business & Professional Women WA

BPW works to raise the status of women and encourages women to become well informed and active at local, national and international levels. Membership in BPW provides opportunities for business and professional women to network, access mentors, develop skill sets and participate in forums to discuss issues of concern with likeminded and diverse women. BPW is an international organization that educates and informs women, undertaking research and projects aimed at making a positive difference for women. BPW lobbies governments at all levels including at the United Nations, where it holds Special Category Status, on current and emerging issues of importance to women.

WINNER – Dream Dress Hire & M.I. Style

Dream Dress Hire was an idea conceived by owner Margaret Irvine after a long and laborious search around Perth for a stylish but affordable ball gown for an event she was attending. Since its beginning in Margaret’s lounge room, the business has enjoyed tremendous sales growth of 400% within 3 years. Margaret believes that success is not just quantifiable by financial gain, but by resilience and dedication to the success and happiness of both her business and family.



Left: President Mel Fialho, Australia Asia Association

Right: Wilma Van Boxtel, Deseos Design (winner)

Sponsored by The Australian Asian Association of WA Inc

It is with great delight that the Australian Asian Association of Western Australia has once again sponsored the Small Business Migrant of the Year. Established in 1956, the organisation is now in its 53rd year of operation. Comprising of around 120 global community organisations, with a composite membership of around 15,000, it operates out of its headquarters on Stirling Street and its branch offices in Joondalup and Gosnells’s. The Australian Asian Association caters for the need of thousands of Western Australia’s new and settled migrant population. The association, in seeking to recognise the massive input of Western Australia’s migrant business community to the economy, is greatly delighted once again in 2009 to sponsor the award with Belmont Business Enterprise Centre.

WINNER- Deseos Design

Deseos Design provides industrial product design and development work for new products and product ranges to furniture manufacturers. Owner Wilma van Boxtel is a migrant from The Netherlands and moved to Australia in 2003. After discovering that there wasn’t that many manufacturers in Perth who could afford an in-house product with a wealth of experience in furniture, she started her own business.



Left: Nicolette Matchitt, Perth Airport

Right: Ross Bindon, STEPS Professional Development (winner)

Sponsored by Perth Airport

9.7 million passengers passed through Perth Airport last year, making it Australia’s fourth largest airport in terms of passenger traffic. To ensure the development of tourism in Western Australia, Perth Airport is committed to working closely with the tourism industry to promote the State as an attractive destination for overseas visitors. Perth Airport also has a strong focus on working with airlines to increase the number of routes and flights to Western Australia. And as the premier international, domestic and regional gateway to the State for commercial aircraft, freight and passengers, Perth Airport forms an integral component of the Western Australian economy. For more information about Perth Airport, visit www.perthairport.com

WINNER- STEPS Professional Development

STEPS designs, develops and delivers high quality comprehensive professional development and educational courses and books. They also include CD Roms and supplementary material for classroom teachers world-wide. STEPS currently sells 24 courses and 30 books in 8 product areas world-wide. STEPS achieved its export success in three ways, by building customer relationships, by demonstrating respect for the circumstances of each customer and by being responsive to customer needs.



Left: Katie Duncan, Assured Ascot Quays Apartment Hotel

Right: Gay Bridgement, Kalamunda History Village (winner)

Sponsored by Assured Ascot Quays Apartment Hotel

Assured Ascot Quays Apartment Hotel is located on the magnificent Swan River with city, river and parkland views, is only six kilometres from Perth City and is only 6 kilometers from the domestic airport. The facilities include 150 East Riverside Bar Restaurant offering a range of gourmet delights prepared using the freshest local produce that Western Australia has to offer. The restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch, dinner and drinks every day of the week.

WINNER – Kalamunda History Village

The Kalamunda History Village is located on the site of the original 1903 Kalamunda Railway station platform and railway reserve. The History Village is a rare example in Western Australia of a museum in a re-created historic village. It is culturally significant and engenders a sense of place for locals and visitors alike. Kalamunda History Village received over 8,000 visitors last year.



Left: Dave Walker, A.P.S. Rewinds & Sales (winner)

Right: Stuart Giles Watering Concepts

Sponsored by Watering Concepts

Watering Concepts is a Western Australian owned company with a 29 year record of service within the community. Watering Concepts designs, supplies and services equipment for water-based installations including mining operations and industrial process water, utilities and industrial waste fluid control.

WINNER – A.P.S. Rewinds & Sales

A.P.S. Rewinds & Sales provides pump repairs and sales, electric motor rewinds, overhauls and sales, pool equipment, water filters, and all Davey and Onga Pentair products in Belmont, Western Australia. A.P.S. Rewinds & Sales will replace or repair any pump, whether that is reticulation, spa, pool or sump. A.P.S. is a family run business and Directors Dave & Lorraine Walker are committed to their staff, customers, the community and the environment.



Left: Theo Pabst, Chair TCFWA and Past Chair Belmont BEC

Right: On Behalf of Jill Yelland :Susan Kenworthy, designMERGERS (winner)

Sponsored by Resource Centre of WA / Belmont Business Enterprise Centre

Belmont BEC provides support and assistance to new and existing small businesses in Belmont and throughout WA. Established in 1994, the centre has assisted over 17,000 clients during this time. TCFWA was established in 1998 and is a community based association that provides support and assistance through project delivery to many thousands of emerging fashion designers and TCFL small businesses across Australia. Both these unique and innovative non profit community organisations wish to acknowledge the multi skills and talents of individuals who not only contribute to business excellence and innovation in their own business but also lead as a role model to others.

WINNER – Jill Yelland – designMERGERS

Jill Yelland created designMERGERS in 2003 to design and produce artworks in glass for corporations. Jill ensures that each glass piece is accompanied by printed marketing material to customise each piece, making ownership a special experience. Presentation packaging is also important, and designMERGERS uses the client’s corporate colours and logos to complete the whole corporate gift package. Jill has had to overcome a diagnosis of cancer in the last 5 years, and has changed her views now on what is important to her and her family. Jill was recently elected WA State President, Women’s Chiefs of Enterprise International and relocated her creative industry business to Belmont in 2009.



Left: Surinder Agnihotri, Aussie Belmont (winner)

Right: David Nissen, representing the Judging Panel

Sponsored by Belmont BEC & TCFWA

Belmont BEC has conducted the Belmont Small Business Awards since 1994, and now is in its 16th year, the awards have supported and encouraged hundreds of small businesses by providing recognition for their achievements and business excellence. The Judges sometimes come across a business that they believe deserves recognition that has not quite met the criteria of other categories. The Judges Award was introduced to acknowledge such a deserving small business

David to acknowledge & thank fellow members on the judging panel before announcing winner
Shirley Lancaster, Ascot Accounting
Jasmyn Mumme, Financial Crisis Recovery
Marcus Henriques, Cambridge Media
Bev Francis, Thee & Mee Consulting

WINNER – Aussie Belmont

Aussie offers Home Loans, Credit Cards, Personal Loans and Insurances. Owners Surinder Anihotri and John Kennebury assist their customers towards home ownership by providing free, expert advice. The business has shown favourable growth during one of the most drastic economic downturns in memory. Surinder and John hold the vision to be the number one broker in their local area, and they are well on their way!



Left – Right:

Peter Dresen, PDA Products (winner)
Karen Grant, Wendy’s Belmont Forum (winner)
Carol Hanlon, CEO Belmont BEC & TCFWA
Paul Pietsch, PDA Products (winner)

Sponsored by Belmont Business Enterprise Centre Inc

Each year the Belmont Business Enterprise Centre inducts one small business into the Awards Hall of Fame who over a period of years has displayed continued business excellence through their achievement of winning three or more past small business awards. This year there is an exception with two local businesses to be the inducted into the Hall of Fame

INDUCTEE – Wendy’s Belmont Forum

Wendy’s has received an outstanding record of success and recognition in past Belmont business awards during 2006, 2007 and 2008. Operated by Karen Grant, Wendy’s has also been recognized in national Franchise of the Year awards over a number of years. Wendy’s Belmont Forum is invited into the prestigious Hall of Fame.

Phone: 08 9277 6590


PDA Products, Mortafil Pty Ltd is a unique product that is versatile, waterproof, non-slip, flexible and it can be used on almost any surface. It’s ideal for covering asbestos roofs, as it holds the fibres together. PDA is Belmont owned and operated and is distributed via a large range of national hardware stores. PDA Products have won numerous innovation and export awards over the past 3 years and the firm continues to go from strength to strength and is invited into the prestigious Hall of Fame.

Phone: 08 9277 3308