TCF Afghanistan

The Baagay Khazana Women’s Vocational Training Centre was created by SEWA ( and started working for war widows / destitute / and poor women of Afghanistan by giving them training in Afgan embroidered and stitched garments and home furnishings. This will not only greatly help the war widows and destitute women of Afghanistan but it will encourage and motivate them to put in more such efforts and strength to come out of an oppressed society for the betterment of their families.

Although it was a challenging job to bring the poorest Afghan women out to get skills and start livelihood activity, the Baagay Khazana is positive that 1000 Afghan women would receive the training out of which almost 40-50% have started earning US$50-100 per month. To bring more women out of miseries in Afghan society, Baagay Khazana strongly requires the creation of a sustained market for the producer groups of poor women. This may be through

  • Participation in different trade fairs across the world
  • A shop where the products can be displayed
  • Making a portfolio (men and women garments and accessories) of Afghan embroidery and products through a good designer
  • Display the portfolio in the fashion show outside of Afghanistan
  • Promotional activity