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Research of Fashion Incubator Facilities

The project Deirdre Gorman is embarking on is to define a “Fashion Incubator”. One notion of a fashion incubator is to be a facility that provides assistance in growing or starting your own fashion business and would provide the kind of specific assistance relevant to the needs of the industry. Fashion Incubator/Enterprise centers are nurturing environments that provide assistance to aid growth and development while promoting entrepreneurship for start-up businesses by offering shared facilities and business advice.

The mission is to define a structure of support that will facilitate the needs of a fashion designer and help creative entrepreneurs to develop the business skills they need to thrive and survive in the fashion industry. Deirdre will analyse the strengths and weaknesses of existing similar facilities, to create a perspective of what the fundamental and unsuccessful aspects may be. From the analysis of other existing similar facilities, she hopes to create a constructive template that would provide adequately for the designers’ needs.

The fashion business is a tough one and all too often the talent, passion and drive of some of Ireland’s best emerging designers can go unnoticed and unrewarded. Recognising this, Deirdre Gorman has made it her aim to define what is needed to nurture this talent and enable young creatives to develop their vision into viable businesses.

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